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tl_files/content/PVBlogo.pngPioneer Valley Books offers a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books and other resources for Reading Recovery, primary classroom, and literacy teachers at affordable prices. Our mission is to provide engaging stories and teaching
materials that help children to develop strong literacy skills and a love of reading.

Our books are ideal for prekindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, early second graders, elementary children with special needs, and English Language Learners.  Characters, story lines, and themes that appeal to young children have been carefully developed into books that really ‘work.’ Before publication, a dedicated team of classroom, literacy, and Reading Recovery teachers reviews each book. Carefully selected reading vocabulary, easy sentence structure, clear fonts, careful spacing, and attention to line breaks, work together to assist in the development of strong reading strategies. Dynamic photographs and appealing illustrations provide the reader with support and extension of the text.

Our History

Pioneer Valley Books was founded in 1998 in Amherst, Massachusetts, to provide books for children learning to read. We started with our Classic Black and White books. In 2007, Pioneer Valley Educational Press and Literacy Footprints, a literacy book and software company, merged. We have grown into a significant publisher with hundreds of titles in our catalog and a growing selection of innovative literacy teaching resources.

Our Customers

We believe that customer service is a cornerstone of our business. We are available to work one-on-one with each customer to find the right book for your child, student, or classroom. We also will gladly work with school districts and administrators who are making curriculum choices for their schools. Our customer service department will personally answer your questions and assist you with your order.


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